Joining the National Guard as a requirement for owning a gun has a number of benefits, and complies with the Second Amendment.

Let me address the Second Amendment issue first. Just as a reminder, the Second Amendment reads:

“ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Each of the States of the United States regulate the National Guard, and I would suggest the National Guard represents a standard for a well-regulated Militia. “National Guard” became a standard nationwide militia title…

So much for BitCoin having a decentralized operation unless the “creator” of block-chain puts the patents in the public domain.

If we really believe we are in a war with COVID-19 then the front-line workers are the soldiers we send to the front-lane, who actively engage in combat with the COVID-19 enemy. The front-line workers should receive a “combat allowances” just as soldiers actively engaged in combat.

In the military, soldiers actively engaged in combat receive a “combat allowance” necessary for the efficient performance of duty. Generally speaking, pay is income, while allowances are reimbursements. The Court of Claims decided in Jones v. The United States that military allowances are not “of a compensatory character” and “not income as well”…

Okay I admit my headline exaggerates the situation somewhat, but perhaps less than we imagine.

I believe the Supreme Court decision overriding public health rules in the interest of religious practice will rank as one of the least informed, ignorant and dangerous Supreme Court rulings.

However, let’s make some lemonade from this lemon.

If we make Education an article of faith then the Supreme Court should have our backs when we insist that we reopen schools and follow CDC Guidelines for the pandemic.

Running our schools in compliance with CDC Guidelines for the pandemic will have an extraordinarily positive effect…

Essential Workers provide the human infrastructure without which our society would collapse.

The pandemic revealed many realities of our society, especially the identification and role of “essential workers” as we called them.

“Essential Workers” came under the following broad categories


+ health care workers in general, especially nurses more than physicians or surgeons.
+ child care workers in specific.
+ elder case workers in particular.

Food workers

+ Grocery clerks stocking and retail.
+ Food processing workers. Meat producers forced workers back on the job despite COVID-19 outbreaks in their ranks.
+ Food banks…

I am a committed atheist, but 2020 has been so stressful that at times, I caught myself praying that various events would or would never happen.

Nothing has changed my religious views, but has helped me understand how other people succumb to the believe in a personal deity.

At times, I have been inclined to become a pantheist. I find a strange attraction to the twelve deities of the Dodekatheon that the Greeks and Romans worshipped.

At least I get a choice of Gods to pray to in the event of a disaster.

Having just one God just seems so limiting.

Maybe I should change my religious preference from atheist to polytheistic or pantheistic.

That would be more ecumenical than being an atheist, and would allow me to pray without having a guilty conscience when I do.

The many advocates of block-chain and the articles about the software engineering for block-chains neglect or gloss over the electrical power required to maintain extensive block-chain structure. Estimates for Bitcoin alone have put the electrical power consumed by Bitcoin at equal to the total electrical power consumption of New Zealand. Systems using large numbers of block-chains will require considerable reserves of electrical power.

To address the electrical power engineering requirement for block-chains, I propose two types of block-chain:

Orbitcoin which does the computing for the block chains on satellites orbiting Earth. Perhaps the Ethereum block-chain using an Iridium style Low…

The story I am about to tell is a true story, but I lack any information about how often it happened. I shall leave it to you the reader to make your guesses.

To clarify some initial confusion, one should keep in mind that most land transportation especially the “last mile to the customer” used horse-drawn vehicles.

Nowhere was this more true that the enormous beer wagons pulled by those magnificent and massive Clydesdale horses.

Of course those enormous beer were far too large to make deliveries of kegs of beer to local taverns, restaurants and pubs.

Therefore, it was…

J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

Mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. … Ok I confess. I am not a reporter, and I am far from mild-mannered.

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